About us

Sports Impressario is a sports management agency that works with professional sportsmen. Since 2008 we assist elite players in building their career. We support them and give them advise tailored to their circumstances. We have one common passion: sports. More precisely: football. We have all national and international licenses and permits, including the FIFA license, but if needed, we can rely on our international network of reliable business partners. Today we operate mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Scandinavia, Brazil and the Middle East.

We put you at center stage

Our service is tailored to your needs. Our core values are reliability and transparency. We want tobecome your trusted partner. We offer you career guidance, allowing you to focus on your performance. You can turn to us for all your questions relating to financial and fiscal management as well as for legal advice. We know our way around the complex labyrinth of national and international rules and regulations. It goes without saying that you can count on us for your contract negotiations. We make sure you get the most out of your active career and afterwards.

What does career guidance comprise?

Professional football is a highly challenging and demanding job. Not only because of the many training hours, although they need to be taken into account. Every Sports Impressario coach will go to great lengths to motivate his player and to assist him in his personal program. But of even greater importance is the emotional support that is provided as well as the assistance the coach gives in managing the administration. Every football player often struggles with these responsibilities and the stress that goes with them, especially when the media get involved. Performing under the pressure of a sold out stadium is not an easy task. We are your confidant. Day and night.


SportsImpressario frees you from the paperwork and gives you mental support. This allows you to focus on your performances. Everyone is different and your interest is our main priority, therefor we make a schedule with you, for you. That schedule includes timeslots and goals, tailored to your needs and desires. We think it’s important you know exactly what you can expect of us and vice versa.

Long term goals

After a first meeting we sit with you to define long term goals, taking into account your desires, needs and realistic possibilities. Improving your performances is our aim. The road to that improvement is different for every player. We assist you in reaching the goals as soon as they are set. The players’ self-discipline and the support of a good coach are the key to success.